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ABMNM® Workshops





For adults: 

  • Healthy Backs;

  • Vitality, Anti-aging, and Pain Relief;

  • Continued Recovery of Function After Brain Trauma.

For parents, therapists and caregivers of children with special needs:

  • Breakthrough Outcomes for the Child with Special Needs;

  • How to Use the Nine Essentials with The Child with Special Needs;

  • A Novel Path for the Discovery of Better Outcomes in Autism.  

A Great Way to Experience the Work Through NeuroMovement® Workshops

Whether you are looking for ways to help your child with their challenges, or to enhance your own physical and emotional well-being, we are excited to offer you this series of online experiential workshops that will include:

  • 2 NeuroMovement® Lessons

  • Background theory and explanations

  • Q&A

  • Tools to implement in daily life


Each workshop is curated around a different topic. The workshop series offer an opportunity for you to participate in multiple workshops as a way to keep enhancing the learning and experience exponential positive changes. 


The workshops will be offered live through Zoom, taught by highly experienced trainers in ABM® NeuroMovement®. Each workshop will be 3 hours long with half hour food break. The food break will provide an opportunity for those interested, to ask questions and learn more about the ABM® NeuroMovement® practitioner trainings.

There will be two Transformational Movement Lessons during each workshop. We suggest you have a mat to lie on and props in close reach. These props may include;

  • Rollers if you have them

  • Extra mats or towels

  • Pillows

  • If lying on the floor is uncomfortable, you can use a chair.

Look forward to seeing you online!






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All Products

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